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Sarileru Neekevvaru Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed: Sarileru Neekevvaru isn't absolutely a navy movie. But, the Army backdrop has allowed director Anil Ravipudi to shoot some scenes withinside the backdrop of picturesque Kashmir and get dressed up his protagonist in military fatigue. Mahesh seems stylish in uniform, and that’s all of the director wants. Because he is aware of thoroughly that the star’s hardcore lovers will paintings themselves right into a frenzy after they see a uniformed Mahesh on foot in sluggish motion.

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Review:

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Review: He is an upright military officer, Ajay Krishna, who's primarily based totally in Kashmir, and has an impeccable feel of humour. This dichotomy withinside the lead protagonist’s characterisation hooks our attention. Every now and then, Ravipudi comes up with uncommon situations to force domestic the point.

A case in point: When Ajay is advised he has to assist a bomb squad to diffuse a time-bomb, he arrives on the vicinity and requests his colleague, Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), to brew tea for him. The latter is shocked however Ajay tells him that during case each of them die if the undertaking fails, he does now no longer need his soul to remorse that he did now no longer have tea simply earlier than his death. The humour works as an awful lot because the depth of the lawsuits after this conversation.

This combination of heroism and comedy, which Mahesh pulls off with elan, is the USP of Sarileru Neekevvaru. The movie is all approximately Mahesh reducing loose, and residing it up in a fashion that one has now no longer visible because the days of Khaleja and Dookudu.

The movie follows the adventure of Ajay Krishna (Mahesh), who ought to visit Kurnool with the intention to deliver the information of his fellow regiment officer’s destiny to the latter’s own circle of relatives. However, while Ajay lands in Kurnool, he realises the regiment officer’s own circle of relatives is in deep problem due to a baby-kisser. The relaxation of the tale is set how Ajay units matters proper, and teaches the baby-kisser a lesson in his personal way.

Right from its placing to 3 key scenes, the movie performs homage to a number of Mahesh, and his father Krishna’s famous films. While the centre of maximum of the movement is Kondareddy Buruju, a landmark in Kurnool, an immediate connection with Mahesh-starrer Okkadu, there's a strolling thread of Krishna’s machismo in Alluri Seetharamaraju.

However, Ravipudi, the author and director of the movie, does now no longer lose sight of who Ajay Krishna is, and what he stands for. He is an military officer, who maintains telling the goons he's going to now no longer damage them due to the fact it's miles his obligation to guard them. And on the identical time, Ajay desires to remind them approximately their obligations as a citizen of the country, which he loves greater than some thing in his life. Every situation withinside the movie, in which Ajay refers to those  aspects, is a pleasure to watch, and that they represent a number of the fine written factors withinside the tale. His bravado scares the goons however Ajay is a person who can diffuse bombs as effects as he can diffuse the anxiety withinside the scene together along with his feel of humour. It’s a melange of  wonderful entities however it really works and how! And this is the most important marvel withinside the movie. You by no means recognize while Mahesh goes to land a punch, whether or not it's miles bodily or verbal.

In a movie like Sarileru Neekevvaru, which relies upon loads on its hero’s air of mystery and comedian timing, it looks like the whole thing is designed, preserving the supermegacelebrity withinside the mind. And this mindset percolates into each pore of the script. Like the ebb and float of the tide, the movie hits all of the proper notes while it specializes in Mahesh. When it does now no longer, it leaves loads to be desired.

The weakest hyperlink is how Anil treats a number of the helping characters and subplots, consisting of the an awful lot-hyped educate sequence. Yes, there are loads of witty strains and over-the-pinnacle mannerisms, that have end up a mainstay in Ravipudi’s filmography. But in Sarileru Neekevvaru, a number of them overstay their welcome. Sometimes, you simply need the comic story to give up quicker due to the fact you're keen to look what takes place after that. In a way, the movie virtually reveals its rhythm while Mahesh subsequently meets Vijayashanti, and confronts Prakash Raj. Till then, it's miles a chunk of a drag.

The humour written for Rashmika, Sangeetha, and Rao Ramesh grows tepid as time is going by. Then, there's some other mediocre subplot regarding Subbaraju and Vennela Kishore.

Thankfully, Vijayashanti’s position is dealt with with loads of respect. The actress aces it in her personal fashion. Her disagreement sequences with Raj, and her conversations with Mahesh withinside the latter a part of the movie, are well-conceived. They assist the narrative maintain its strength. Raj breezes via his position with ease.

The climax is some other marvel. As ironic as it'd seem, given how the narrative builds up until then, the climax suits into the lead protagonist’s imaginative and prescient of life, thinking about that he's an military officer. The movie needs a honest quantity of suspension of disbelief, and it's miles by no means greater glaring than in its climax.

The middle difficulty addressed in Sarileru Neekevvaru ought to have pulled the narrative in a distinct direction. However, this is truely now no longer what Ravipudi was, perhaps, aiming for. The movie is set Mahesh gambling an movement-packed position, after a protracted time, and his comedian timing, as a way to go away you in splits. It is likewise approximately him dancing, after a protracted time, to a ‘mass song’ like ‘Mind Block.'

To its credit, the movie applications oodles of humour and movement in proper measures for Mahesh to hit the ball out of the park. Everything else is simply an advantage or a distraction.

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Analysis:

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Analysis: After he comes to a decision to reform the leader antagonist with the aid of using drilling feel and worry into him, there comes a scene wherein Mahesh Babu is visible dramatically speakme approximately the paintings profile (now no longer precisely however you get the drift, right?) of a soldier while a now no longer-so-perturbed Prakash Raj seems at him.  The beats of this scene are borderline 'Bharat Ane Nenu' or maybe a piece of 'Srimanthudu' or 'Maharshi'.  That did scare me huge-time as I grew worried approximately the ultra-acquainted direction that the movie may dangerously take from this point.  Thankfully, the movie is going directly to quickly collect the character of against the law thriller, giving the target target market a respite from the 'Change in any other case I will screw you up with extra sermonizing' mode.

Writer-director Anil Ravipudi is predicated on  time-examined factors to win the Sankranthi race: Comedy, and simplistic analysis. The movie is an commercial for obligatory military training, which the hero paints as an elixir of all ills plaguing the society.  In all likelihood, that is a signal of the director having graduated from WhatsApp University.  In a highly-charged and patriotic scene, the hero makes use of the word 'monitoring' whilst he without a doubt means 'surveillance'.  He normalizes 2d-with the aid of using-2d privateness breach (which besides isn't a reality) as a need and calls it monetary transparency.  Digitalization has decreased corruption in welfare transport however this movie initiatives it as not so good as the vintage ways!  Where do our filmmakers select out up this stage of ignorance?  

An military operation performs out like a basthi combat regarding uniformed men, with the hero nearly howling to his advanced to leverage his heroism and an impulsive soldier doing some thing foolhardy.  

The comedy is powered with the aid of using a few quirky characters, who variety from daughters immediately falling in love with frauds and a heroine who pines for a whole stranger in a nanosecond, going to the volume of merrily faking rape.  Bandla Ganesh has an prolonged cameo and he's subjected to thankless beatings to raise Mahesh's person.  The 2d 1/2 of has much less comedy as soon as Rashmika, Sangeetha (gambling the heroine's mother) and others provide manner to the composed Vijayashanthi.  Rajendra Prasad is decreased to giving response photographs in an over-the-pinnacle manner, some thing he has executed pretty some of instances withinside the ultimate 10 years.  Rao Ramesh, in comparison, offers laughs as he indicates frustration together along with his spouse and daughters at each step (the perfection-sadism differentiation is hilarious).  

Mahesh unleashes the inner 'Okkadu'-meets-'Dookudu' in  fights: the c programming language combat withinside the shadow of the enforcing Kondareddy Buruju, and the wooded area combat regarding smugglers.  Full marks to Devi Sri Prasad's BGM and the movement choreography.  Otherwise, Mahesh is made to position up mild expressions for the maximum part.

The climax is a cop out, with Prakash Raj's person turning into a jaded extension of his 'F2' person.  His huge quirk has him threaten his faculty teacher (Raghu Babu) for giving him the 'wrong' morals whilst he changed into a child.  Both the eccentric comedy and the hackneyed villainy type of appearance pedestrian.  Jayaprakash Reddy, because the villain's father, turns into repetitive.  

The component with the tale of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is that it does not flavor Mahesh Babu-esque.  It's a dated concept this is unabashedly staged in vintage-faculty ways.  That lots turns into clean with the primary scene itself: a girl student, a rowdy eve-teaser, our 'Pratighatana' lecturer, her slap, the university principal, a effective man... Have you began out imagining it already?  Four girl characters are chased with the aid of using goons, actually reminding us of the unwelcome Nineties whilst damsels and dudes in misery used to run farfar from their native land out of existential worry for the ghastly villain.

Despite the now no longer-so-thrilling or even predictable premise, Anil Ravipudi indicates his grip at the narrative in some of places.  The c programming language combat is rousing, the scene wherein Mahesh offers an on-the-spur salute to Vijayashanthi offers goosebumps, Vijayashanthi has a swish presence and additionally acts well, 'Mind Block' and 'Daang Daang' provide a bang for the buck, the Vennela Kishore-Subbu Raju tune isn't bad.  

Mahesh attempts to lighten up after gambling those 'I am directly from the ethical technological know-how universe' roles.  His comedian timing isn't novel however he by some means continues us glued.  Helped immensely with the aid of using cinematographer Rathnavelu's calibre (particularly withinside the Kashmir episode), the movie offers us appealing visuals.  DSP's BGM cannot be defined as a brilliant one.  Suffice it to mention that it works.

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Cast:

Starring:                 Mahesh Babu, Rashmika Mandanna, Prakash Raj
Directed by: Anil Ravipudi
Produced: Rambrahmam Sunkara
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Genre: Action,  Comedy,  Drama
Duration: 169 minutes
Critic's Rating: Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

Sarileru Neekevvaru Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed:

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